Spay and Neuter

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

Dogs and cats can be very prolific. A single female cat and her offspring can produce thousands of cats in just a few years. Millions of unwanted animals must be destroyed every year.

Stray animals damage property, spread disease and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars every year.

What is SPAY and NEUTER?

A spay is an ovariohysterectomy - both ovaries and the uterus are removed through a surgical incision in the abdomen. After spaying, a female animal will never go into heat and cannot have babies.

Neutering is a surgical procedure in which both testicles of a male animal are removed. This surgery is much easier than a spay and makes the animal un-able to reproduce.

When should a dog or cat be spayed or neutered?

Surgery can be done when the animal is 5-6 months old. Female should be spayed before they go into heat.

Will spaying or neutering change my pet's personality?

Your pet's basic personality will not be changed. Usually, spayed/neutered pets become more people oriented. Male animals will be less likely to fight.

Is the operation painful?

Operations are performed under local or general anesthesia. After surgery your pet may be depressed for a few days from the effects of the anesthesia. Stitches may be removed in about 10 days.

Will the surgery make my pet fat?

Removing the ovaries and the testicles does affect metabolism. Many animals do tend to gain weight, so a diet must be closely regulated. As with humans, regular exercise and reasonable food intake will help maintain a healthy weight.

How much does a spay or neuter cost?

The exact amount of the procedure depends on the sex and weight of your pet. Check with your veterinarian for the costs for you pet.