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About the Office

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office offers an opportunity to be a part of one of the most distinguished group of professionals in the country.  Douglas County Sheriff’s Patrol Division has the responsibility of patrolling 5,071 square miles from the Oregon Coast to the Cascade Mountain Range.  In addition, applicants interested in working as a Corrections Deputy have the opportunity to work in a Corrections Facility that houses over 288 local, state, and federal inmates.

We are looking for applicants in both the patrol and corrections disciplines that possess strong interpersonal and written communication skills.  We are looking for applicants who want to be leaders in their communities and whose integrity is beyond reproach.  Applicants must have a respect for those around them, and must be able to earn the respect of those that they serve.  Our standards are high and our recruitment process is thorough, but for those applicants that become a part of our agency, the rewards of serving our community are numerous. If you are interested in joining our reserve deputy program, please visit the reserve program page.

Deputy Sheriff Qualifications

  • United States citizenship.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of hire.
  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED.
  • Physical Examination.  All law enforcement officers and applicants must be examined by a licensed physician or surgeon and be in excellent mental and physical health.


The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has determined that there are some past and present behaviors that will determine that an applicant is not desirable for our agency.  Applicants who have past or current behavior as listed below will not be considered for employment:

  • Alcohol Use - current alcohol abuse is prohibited.
  • Drug Use - The following examples of illegal drug use or possession will be automatic disqualifiers for public safety applicants, with no exceptions:
    • (a) Any adult use or possession of a drug classified as a hallucinogenic within ten (10) years prior to application for employment;
    • (b) Any adult use or possession of marijuana within three (3) years prior to application for employment;
    • (c) Any other illegal adult use or possession of a drug not mentioned above (including cocaine) within ten (10) years prior to application for employment;
    • (d) Any other illegal adult use or possession of a drug while employed in any law enforcement capacity, military police, or as a student enrolled in college-accredited courses related to the criminal justice field;
    • (e) Any adult manufacture or cultivation of a drug or illegal substance;
    • (f) Failure to divulge to the Department any information about personal illegal use or possession of drugs; or
    • (g) Any drug test of the applicant, during the couse of the hiring process, where illegal drugs are detected.
    The following examples of illegal drug use or possession will be considered in relationship to the overall background of that individual and may result in disqualification:
    • (a) Any illegal use or possession of a drug as a juvenile;
    • (b) Any illegal adult use or possession of a drug that does not meet the criteria of the automatic disqualifiers specified above (e.g., marijuana use longer than three (3) years ago or cocaine use longer than ten (10) years ago.); or
    • (c) Any illegal or unauthorized use of prescription medications.
  • Discharge from Another Agency - Being discharged from another agency (probationary or for cause) within the last three years.
  • Felony Criminal Activity - any conviction of a felony and the commission of a serious detected or undetected felony.
  • Domestic Violence - any conviction of a crime involving domestic violence.
  • Controlled Substance - conviction for possession or manufacturing of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute.
  • Traffic/Driving - inability to be insured to drive a motor vehicle, failure to possess a valid drivers license, and inability to be licensed to drive a motor vehicle.
  • Government - membership or participation in any organization advocating the violent overthrow of the government of the United States.
  • Discrepancies - misrepresentation, misinformation, misleading, inaccurate, untruthful, or distorted information provided on the Background Questionnaire or during any part of the selection process.
  • Appointments - failure to keep an appointment at any step of the hiring process without the prior approval of the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Selection - failure to pass any step of the selection process or meet the minimum standards of the position.
  • Change - failure to notify the office of a change in current address and/or telephone number.
  • Moral - the applicant must be of good moral character and behavior.
  • Other - behaviors which do not necessarily reach the level of severity of the disqualifiers listed above, but may still be a basis for rejection after consideration of each case on its individual merits.

Selection Process

This process is designed to identify applicants who possess the ability and integrity required to be a law enforcement officer with our agency.

  • ORPAT (Oregon Physical Agility Testing) - A ¼ mile obstacle course consisting of running, jumping, crawling, climbing, falling, balancing, dragging, pushing and pulling.  This course simulates chasing a suspect, the struggle with a suspect, and the carrying of the suspect.  The course must be completed in a time of 5 minutes and 57 seconds or less.
  • Written Exam - Reading, writing, and math exercises.
  • Oral Board Interview
  • Thorough Background Investigation
  • Interview with Sheriff or Designee
  • Psychological Examination
  • Physical Examination

Deputy Sheriff Training

Upon appointment, trainees will be placed in the Field Training Deputy Program.  They will spend 15 weeks with Field Training Officers (FTO). Each recruit will be placed with three different FTOs for a period of 5 weeks each.  The recruit is then sent to a 16-week academy in Salem, OR.  At the academy they will learn firearms, defensive tactics, defensive driving, legal aspects, safety training, and physical fitness.  Completion of the academy and the Field Training Deputy Program earns them statewide certification.

If you are interested in becoming a Douglas County Sheriff Deputy, you will work with other deputies who have made it through this intensive hiring and training process.  This ensures that your co-workers are highly competent, responsible, and equally invested in the community you serve.

Why Work For Us?

We know that community support is of the utmost importance for a successful agency.  We want deputies who have the same drive and interest in maintaining that support.  We are here to serve the people that we are neighbors with and people that otherwise participate in our day-to-day activities.

We are committed to building and maintaining a strong department that has the maturity and vision to recognize that public safety is a partnership with our citizens.  We are engaged with the schools.  Our deputies read to the students, interact with the students, and talk to them about the dangers of drugs, peer pressure, and the many things that children today deal with.  We partner with the organizations that you and your family are a part of.  We encourage our employees to participate in fundraisers that are important to the well being of the community.  You will have pride knowing that you are a part of what makes Douglas County such a great place to live.  You are a part of a team of professionals who protect and give to their community.

The heart of our agency is a team of professionals that have the discipline, drive, integrity, maturity and leadership skills required to provide a very demanding level of service to the people, with an extraordinary level of professionalism.  We are looking for candidates who possess these traits.  If you are that person, please contact our agency for information on where to apply.

How Do I Apply?


Angie Stoffal
Administrative Assistant/Personnel
Douglas County Sheriff's Office
1036 SE Douglas Avenue
Roseburg, Oregon  97470
(541) 957-4778 office
(541) 957-8140 fax

You may apply by going to the Douglas County Human Resources website and clicking on "Job Opportunities".

Oregon Regional Law Enforcement Employment Opportunities - Click on "Weekly Job Openings" on the left side of the webpage once re-directed.