Common Fees

The table below lists some of the most common fees charged by the Sheriff's Office. This fee schedule is intended to be a reference only, and fees are subject to change without notice. While we make every attempt to ensure this list is up to date, please keep in mind that the actual fee charged may vary.

NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2018, Civil Process Fees have been increased from their previous rates.

Sheriff's Office Common Fees
Police Records
A face sheet or single page report $ 5.00
All other documents up to 6 pages $ 8.00
Each page over 6 pages $   .25
Civil Service

Notice and Execution ($80.00 for Execution)
ORS 21.410 (1) (c) and 105.154

$125.00 total
Writ Of Garnishment ORS 29.165 $25.00
Notice Of Restitution ORS 21.410 (b) $45.00
Serving Summons, Subpoena, Citation, Order, Notice Or Similar Document, Including Small Claims Or Writ Of Execution1-2 Parties At The Same Address. ORS 21.410 (a) $45.00
Serving As Above For 3-4 Parties At The Same Address ORS 21.410 (a) $25.00 ea.
Service Involving Travel In Excess Of 75 Miles Round Trip. ORS 21.410 (4) $45.00 Additional Service Fee
Seizure and Sale of Personal or Real Property, Enforcement of Writ of Execution of Judgement of Restitution (Plus Service Fee Listed Above) or other Enforcement or Seizure Underwrit of Attachment or Execution. $80.00
Sheriff's Deed or Certificate of Redemption $50.00
Other Fees
Vehicle Release
Administrative fee to DCSO.  This is in addition to towing and storage costs to the appropriate towing company.
Cash Only
Administrative fee to DCSO.  The $30.00 fee is for up to three (3) cards. There is no charge to be fingerprinted for volunteer work or CJIS security.