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Guestbook Entries

Name: Samuel Williams
City: Roseburg
Date: 1/25/2013


Keep the faith; the loudest dissenters are always the most radical. If the Feds can pick and choose what laws to enforce i.e. Immigration laws in Arizona, and Drug laws in Washington State and Colorado, then our local authorities should be able choose laws that they believe are unconstitutional until ruled by the Supreme Court.

Name: Dave & Julie
City: Eugene
Date: 1/16/2013


Thanks for taking a stand! We are praying for you and others taking the stand! God Bless You!

Name: Cody Ann Morales
City: Roseburg
Date: 12/14/2012


Ever since kindergarden I've admired police men. That's when I discovered My ultimate dream job. To protect and serve. It break my heart because of my past encounters although,not under the best circumstances. I don't know who to call when I need to be protected? I've made some mistakes and the harder I try the worse it gets for me. I learned to choose my friends more wisely. I just want a better life and isolation can be lonely at times but I'm moving on with the negative past and I truly don't hold grudges against our law enforcement. Honestly if I didn't get into trouble I could have went down a much more distructive path so, thank you but please some of us just need a break and a fresh beginning. I've gotten a job and have put shelter over my head and its a amazing feeling to make CHANGES for the better. Ha I did it all by myself and I feel confident as long as I deal with my problems instead of running. I believe I'm going to be ok and will do whatever it takes to succeed in this life.

Name: Melinda Tabor
City: Winston OR
Date: 9/20/2012


This website is amazing with the vast amounts of very useful information. I appreciate the updated information and the amount of hard work that must have gone into planning and upkeep of this site. I am proud to say I belong to this county.

Name: Doug Brewer
City: Roseburg
Date: 8/28/2012


Police force doing a good job. AToo bad your hamstrung by restrictions sometimes on your own protection and politics.

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