Current Volunteer Opportunites

Published: 7/31/2014

The following volunteer opportunities are currently available: 


The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is currently recruiting for our Search and Rescue (SAR) Volunteer Unit. Persons interested in volunteering for the program must be able to attend related training, enjoy the outdoors and be in good physical shape. Volunteers will be trained in all aspects of search and rescue, including search techniques, land navigation, tracking, rescue and recovery, and first aid. 

The first training session of the year will be Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 7 PM in the Sheriff’s Office Conference Room located in room 210 of the Justice Building in Roseburg. All training is provided free. 

If you are interested in being a part of our Search and Rescue Volunteer Unit please contact Jerry Applegarth at (541)440-4498,


The Douglas County Sheriff's Office Records Division is looking for volunteers to assist in organizing, scanning, and filing confidential police reports. Volunteers in this program must be self-motivated, flexible and work well independently. Ability to put documents in numerical order is essential. Willingness to ask questions and seek clarification are beneficial qualities for this position. Keyboarding, while not mandatory, will expand the range of assigned tasks. Ability to maintain strict confidentiality and integrity is required.

For more information please contact Andrea Zielinski at 541-440-4486 or


The Douglas County Sheriff's Office Community Outreach Unit is looking for a volunteer to assist with the "Eddie Eagle GunSafety" program. A volunteer is needed to wear our "Eddie Eagle" mascot costume for school presentations. This volunteer will go to schools throughout Douglas County to assist a deputy by wearing our Eddie Eagle costume during presentations talking to kids about gun safety. Must be available during school hours and must be in good physical shape. 

Fore more information please contact Andrea Zielinski at 541-440-4486 or

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