Sheriff’s Posse

January 7, 2010

Since my election to the office of Sheriff I have received a vast amount of interest from citizens all over the county inquiring how they can get involved as a volunteer and/or as a member of the Sheriff’s Posse.

I can’t express enough the appreciation and value of citizen support of their Sheriff’s Office. Whether it be a simple show of respect and support for the Sheriff’s Office, or as involved as volunteering some time, ALL levels of support are very much appreciated and needed during times such as these.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office currently has several volunteer units that assist the Sheriff’s Office with a variety of tasks and services.They include the Sheriff’s Reserve, Search and Rescue, Explorer Search and Rescue Post, Mountain Rescue, K-9 Search and Rescue, Four Wheel Drive Post, Douglas County Mounted Posse, Cold Case Squad, Senior Volunteers, and Victim Outreach Program.

Each of these special volunteer units requires regular training and a fairly time- consuming commitment. Recognizing that not all citizens can make this kind of commitment, but realizing many would like to be available to assist and support their Sheriff during a time of need, I am organizing a general volunteer Sheriff’s Posse.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a posse as:

  1. a large group often with a common interest
  2. a body of persons summoned by a sheriff to assist in preserving the public peace usually in an emergency
  3. a group of people temporarily organized to make a search (as for a lost child)
  4. entourage

My goal is to build an organization that is recognized for its high level of integrity and professional standards. Therefore, it is imperative that only honest, law abiding citizens are considered for the Sheriff’s Posse. Since criminal background checks are already conducted on individuals applying for a Concealed Handgun License (CHL), I intend to use the current CHL application/renewal process to create a volunteer Sheriff’s Posse. Applications will also be available for qualifying individuals who wish to be considered for the posse but do not want to apply for a CHL.

Designation as a volunteer member of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Posse will ONLY denote that the member exists on a support list.The purpose of the list is to formalize the level of support that exists behind the County Sheriff, and to demonstrate the value you place on public safety through your Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, the posse would provide the Sheriff with a list of trustworthy individuals that could be called on in the event of a natural disaster, a wide-scale emergency, or some other specific need as identified by the Sheriff.

Becoming a posse member does not entitle the member to any exclusive training, access, exemptions, rights, or authority. Membership does not entitle the member to any specific benefits, pay, or special compensation. It is a completely volunteer membership.

An individual’s membership is at the discretion of the Sheriff.The Sheriff has the right to revoke an individual’s posse membership at any time and for any reason. Revocation of an individual’s CHL will automatically result in revocation of posse status.

Thank you for your continued interest in the peace and safety of Douglas County, and for your support of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. I look forward to working together.


John Hanlin

Sheriff John Hanlin

Click here to download Sheriff's Posse application