Senate Bill 111
Deadly Physical Force Plan

During the last session, the Oregon legislature passed Senate Bill 111 (SB 111). This bill requires each county to develop a plan regarding the use of deadly physical force by law enforcement officers.  Douglas County has enacted a planning committee consisting of representatives of law enforcement, justice agencies and the public. The purpose of the committee is to develop a deadly physical force plan meeting the requirements of Senate Bill 111.

This new law directs a planning authority in each county to develop a plan to meet specific criteria. Some of the criteria include proper training on the use of deadly force; adequate support for officers and civilian members of the community involved in a deadly force incident and all families affected by a deadly force incident; and a process for investigating a deadly force incident and determining whether the use of deadly force complied with law and policy.

SB 111 also outlines the composition of the planning committee to ensure that it covers various perspectives on the issues. The committee for Douglas County includes the following members:

  • Assistant District Attorney Rick Wesenberg, Co-Chair
  • Deputy District Attorney Deb Stoll (Non-voting Member)
  • Sheriff Jim Burge, Co-Chair
  • Lieutenant Doug Ladd, Oregon State Police
  • Lieutenant Darin Lux, Oregon State Police (Non-voting Member)
  • Chief Tom Boggs, Sutherlin Police Department
  • Detective Doug Walton, Roseburg Police Department, Labor Union Representative
  • Lieutenant John Hanlin, Douglas County Sheriff's Office (Non-voting Member
  • Shawn Walker, Public Member
  • Barbara Hurtienne, Public Member

A public hearing on the draft plan was held on Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 3:30 p.m. in room 216 of the Douglas County Courthouse, 1036 SE Douglas Avenue, Roseburg, Oregon 97470.

Senate Bill 111 also requires that the plan must be submitted to the governing body of each law enforcement agency in the county for consideration by March 31, 2008. The final plan must be submitted to the Oregon Attorney General’s Office by May 30, 2008.

The plan can be reviewed by clicking this link: Douglas County Response to Deadly Physical Force Plan

More information on Senate Bill 111 can be found on the Oregon Department of Justice website.

The plan is a PDF document which require the free Acrobat Reader.