Wayne Stinson
Wayne Stinson
Emergency Manager

Wayne Stinson is the Emergency Manager for Douglas County. He has held this position for the past 23 years. Prior to becoming the Emergency Manager he worked as an assistant to the Coordinator for 3 years and was a Search and Rescue volunteer for 6 years.

Mr. Stinson became a "Certified Emergency Manager" (CEM) in 1995, which is a national level certification and is one few CEMs in Oregon . Wayne is a graduate of the joint U.S. Air Force / U.S. Coast Guard National Search and Rescue School, is a a past scuba instructor, a scuba high pressure tank inspector and a past EMT. Wayne has taught search and rescue courses certified by the Oregon Board on Public Safety Standards and Training. He has considerable technical training and has instructed at various local and national search and rescue conferences and workshops as well as an instructor for various emergency management courses. Mr. Stinson has served as Chairman of the Oregon Search and Rescue Advisory Council, which provides expertise to the Oregon Sheriffs and State of Oregon on all search and rescue matters. In addition, Mr. Stinson was selected to be a member of the Federal Emergency Management's Urban Search & Rescue Training Working Group and was a committee member of the U.S. Fire Administration's contract committee working on criteria for Urban Search and Rescue protective clothing. In 1996 Wayne was named "Outstanding Emergency Program Manager of the Year" for an urban area, by Oregon Emergency Management.

Mr. Stinson's duties as Emergency Manager, is to direct all of Douglas County's emergency response and emergency planning activities in relation to manmade and natural disasters. In his role of Emergency Manager, Mr. Stinson has worked on six presidentially declared disasters as well as assisting on wildland fires that routinely impact Douglas County. Another area of responsibility for Mr. Stinson, is all the Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue activities. Search and Rescue activities range from training the all-volunteer search and rescue membership to responding and coordinating search and rescue missions in Douglas County. In his role as search and Rescue Coordinator, he coordinates an average of 30 search & rescue missions annually.

An Oregon Native, Wayne has spent most of his years in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Wayne is married to his wife, Kimberly of 17 years, has two daughters, Demi and Brenna. Wayne enjoys most outdoor recreation, and is "want-to-be" rancher due to his daughters 4-H projects.