Winter Storm 2019 Damage Assessment

Douglas County is seeking information about damages that citizens incurred during the winter storm of February 24, 2019. We are attempting to try and document damages in case that there might be any Federal assistance available. If you have damages from the February winter/snow storm please fill out the following information the best you can. Even if you have already repaired the damage we are still interested in the information. If you are filling this out regarding your home we only want information on your primary residence, not vacation homes.

There is no guarantee that any assistance will become available, however this is the only way we can understand how severely the storm impacted the citizens of Douglas County.


This information is required. We are only collecting this data for the purpose of assessing storm damage. We may use your data in order to contact you regarding storm damage. Your data will not be used for any other purpose. Once the storm damage has been accessed, we will delete your data.


Please answer as many questions as you can.

Was your home or business damaged?
Do you own or rent this property?
Does insurance cover any of the cost of damage?
Do you have agricultural damage (loss of crops/animals, damage to barns or fences)?
Does insurance cover any of the cost of agricultural damage?