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John Hanlin


Date/Time of Release:  08/01/2011 - 09:00
Contact Person:  Dwes Hutson  
Contact Number:  541-440-4464  
Subject:  Water Rescue  
Date/Time of Incident:  07/31/2011 - 18:30
Incident Location:  North Umpqua River, 1100 block Old Garden Valley Road (Burkhart Rapids), Roseburg, Oregon  
Case Number:  n/a  
Rescued:  5 yoa male / no further information at this time

On Sunday, July 31st, at about 1830 hours, four Douglas County Marine Patrol Deputies were at Burkhart Rapids assisting Roseburg Towing with the removal of an overturned drift boat.

A family of five was floating down the river on a raft. The raft drifted into the overturned boat and flipped. Four of the family members were taken downstream by the current. A 5 year old boy became trapped between the overturned boat and a rock in the river.

Marine deputies, who were on shore, watched the accident occur and saw that the boy was submerged with just his arms above water. They were able to get into their boat and reach the boy. Two of the deputies, who were working from the side of their boat, submerged themselves upside down, and were able to pull the boy from the water. He was taken to shore and examined by medical personnel. The boy received bumps and bruises but is otherwise ok.

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