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John Hanlin


Date/Time of Release:  02/06/2012 - 11:30
Contact Person:  Wayne Stinson  
Contact Number:  541-440-4448  
Subject:  Motorists Stranded in the Snow  
Date/Time of Incident:  02/03/2012 - 17:51
Incident Location:  BLM Road 23-1-13 Near Canton Creek Rd  
Case Number:  N/A  
Stranded Motorist:  Jackson, Randy - Alsea, Oregon
Stranded Motorist:  Jackson, Mary - Alsea, Oregon

On February 3rd, at about 1751 hours, the 911 center received a call from Randy Jackson. Jackson said that he, his wife, Mary, and their dog were stranded on a BLM Road 2-6 miles off of Canton Creek Rd because the vehicle they were driving, a VW Jetta, became stuck in the snow.

Cell coverage was good in the area and the 911 center was able to obtain latitude/longitude data from the call. This information was relayed to the Search and Rescue unit who dispatched 4x4 unit members to look for the lost couple.

At about 2031 hours, Search and Rescue units located the Jackson's approximately 18 miles north of Steamboat.

Jackson told rescuers that he was following the directions his car's GPS unit gave him to get to the town of London located in Lane County.

Search and Rescue members helped to get the Jackson's vehicle unstuck and led them back toward Hwy 138 so they could return home.

The Sheriff's Office would like to remind everyone that many of the roads in the higher elevations are covered with snow and are not passable this time of year.

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