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John Hanlin


Date/Time of Release:  05/09/2012 - 14:00
Contact Person:  Dwes Hutson  
Contact Number:  541-440-4464  
Subject:  Dog Attack Investigation  
Date/Time of Incident:  05/08/2012 - 12:50
Incident Location:  Stewart Park Bike Path near Disk Golf Course, Roseburg, OR  
Case Number:  12-1902  
Involved:  Roberts, Patsy Anne / 57 yoa / Eugene, OR
Involved:  Watkins, Collin Anthony / 48 yoa / Veneta, OR
Involved:  Patton, Brett Jay / 49 yoa / Winston, OR

On May 8th, 2012, at about 1250 hours, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Officer responded to a report that a dog had been attacked by another dog near the disk golf course on the bike path in Stewart Park.

Patsy Roberts was walking her Staffordshire Terrier when it broke free and attacked a Dachshund who was being handled by Collin Watkins. The parties including a bystander, Brett Patton, were unable to separate the dogs. Patton then killed the Staffordshire Terrier with a knife.

The Dachshund was taken to Companion Animal Clinic where it underwent treatment for wounds suffered in the attack. The Staffordshire Terrier was picked up by Animal Control and specimens were sent to a lab for Rabies testing.

No charges have been filed and no citations issued. The case is still under investigation.

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