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Date/Time of Release:  10/17/2012 - 09:40
Contact Person:  Dwes Hutson  
Contact Number:  541-440-4464  
Subject:  Missing Hunter Located  
Date/Time of Incident:  10/16/2012 - 01:30
Incident Location:  Cinnamon Butte Area, apx 5 miles North of Diamond Lake  
Case Number:  12-4524  
Missing/Located:  Ruiz, Miguel / 52 yoa / Sacramento, CA
Reporting Person:  Seibert,Keith / (adult male) / Gold Hill, OR

On October 16, 2012, at about 0130 hours, the Sheriff's Office received a report of a missing hunter in the Cinnamon Butte area, approximately 5 miles north of Diamond Lake.

Keith Seibert reported that on October 15, he and Miguel Ruiz had been hunting together and at about 0900 hours they separated with the intent of meeting back up after 2-3 hours. Both men had GPS enabled radios which enabled them to communicate and see the other person's location. At about 1700 hours, Ruiz reported to Seibert that his GPS wasn't working and felt he was lost.

Search operations began on the 16th at about noon. Resources deployed were Sheriff’s Deputies, 4x4 SAR volunteers, Tracking teams, Mt. Rescue and Ground SAR volunteers. At about 1630 Deputies requested a hunter in the area try one more time to reach Ruiz via radio and Ruiz answered. Deputies were able to determine where Ruiz was and located him shortly afterword.

Ruiz advised that he had indeed became lost on the 15th. At dark he found an area under a tree and was able to construct a makeshift shelter with the aid of a space blanket he was provided just before departing for the hunt. The lighter he was provided did not work and his matches had became wet. As a result he was not able to get a fire constructed and spent a very cold night. When he was located all layers of his clothing were soaked and he was very cold. Ruiz related he was not sure if he would have survived another night out.

Ruiz was reported to have been a regular hunter and somewhat experienced in the woods.

The Sheriff’s Office would once again like to caution hunters that with the changing weather, hunters HAVE TO BE PREPARED! Hunters need to think about the possibility of if they have to spend the night out. A small day pack with "The Ten Essentials"

1. Map
2. Compass
3. Warm Clothing
4. Extra Food and Water
5. Flashlight or Headlamp
6. Matches/Fire starters
7. First Aid Kit/Repair Kit
8. Whistle
9. Rain/Wind Jacket & Pants
10. Pocket Knife

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