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John Hanlin


Date/Time of Release:  12/06/2013 - 10:00
Contact Person:  Dwes Hutson  
Contact Number:  541-440-4464  
Subject:  Hazardous Driving Conditions  
Date/Time of Incident:  12/06/2013 - 10:00
Incident Location:  Douglas County  
Case Number:  n/a  
n/a:  n/a

Freezing temperatures combined with wet/snow packed pavement has caused hazardous driving conditions throughout Douglas County. The forecast is calling for additional snowfall later today.

Unless travel is essential, the Sheriff's Office is recommending that citizens stay home. If travel is essential, please use extreme caution when driving.

Roadways are icy and hazardous. Even if the roadways seem clear, black ice can form when the temperature is several degrees above freezing. Bridges and overpasses can be especially dangerous because air circulates above and below the surface of the elevated roadway, causing the temperature to drop more rapidly than on regular pavement.

Motorists may encounter patches of ice, packed snow, or downed trees on roadways that appear to be clear. USE CAUTION.

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