Hot Weather Tips

  • Overheating can kill an animal. Never leave an animal alone in a vehicle, since even with the windows open, a parked car, truck or van can quickly become a furnace. Parking in shade offers little protection, as the sun shifts during the day. When traveling, carry a gallon thermos filled with fresh, cold water.
  • Don't force your animal to exercise after a meal in hot weather. Always exercise your pet in the cool of the early morning or late evening.
  • In extremely hot weather, don't leave your dog standing on the street, and keep walks to a minimum. Pets are much closer to the hot asphalt and their bodies can heat up quickly. Paws can burn since they are not protected by shoes.
  • Always provide plenty of shade for an animal staying outside of the house. A properly constructed doghouse, painted white, serves best. Bring your pets inside during the heat of the day and let them rest in a cool part of your house. Always provide plenty of cool, clean water for you animals.
  • Avoid walking your dog in areas that you suspect have been sprayed with insecticides or other chemicals, as poisonings increase during the summer when gardens, lawns, and trees are sprayed. These chemicals can sicken or kill an animal. Call your veterinarian if you suspect your animal has been poisoned.
  • Be alert for coolant leaking from your vehicle. Animals are attracted to the sweet taste of coolant and ingesting just a small amount can cause an animal's death. Consider using animal-friendly coolants that use Propylene glycol.
  • A clean coat can help to prevent summer skin problems, so keep your pets well groomed. Never shave a dog's hair down to the skin as this robs him of protection from the sun.