Lost & Found

If you have lost your pet, please contact Douglas County Animal Control at 541-440-4328 or Saving Grace Animal Shelter at 541-672-3907. Saving Grace Animal Shelter is located at:
450 Old Del Rio Road
Roseburg, OR 97471

An important step in your search for a lost pet is to call the pet adoption center. It is quite possible that your pet was picked up running loose or was turned in to the adoption center by someone who found it. However, unless your pet is wearing a pet license, there is no sure way of making a positive identification.

Many animals look alike, and it is impossible for personnel to know from your description whether or not they are holding your pet. Therefore, it is vital that you visit the center to look for yourself. Even if your pet is not there, you will be able to complete a comprehensive lost pet form and obtain additional assistance.

Don't Wait

The minute you realize your pet is missing, start looking.

Tell The World

If an immediate search doesn't bring results, prepare a poster for circulation, contact the local newspapers and radio stations, and your neighborhood.