Deadly Physical Force Plan - Senate Bill 111

Senate Bill 111 (2007) required the creation of local, comprehensive protocols to address the use of deadly physical force by Law Enforcement during the performance of their duties. Pursuant to SB111, Douglas County established a Planning Authority and developed a plan that meets specific criteria outlined in the law. These elements include: 

  • Data collection
  • Deadly force policies
  • District Attorney discretion policy
  • Light duty requirements
  • Mental health benefits
  • Outside investigation
  • Training policies

Planning Authority

As required by law, the Sheriff and District Attorney are designated as co-chairs of the Planning Authority for Douglas County. The original Planning Authority was assembled in 2008 and developed a Response Plan that was approved by the Attorney General in May, 2008.

In May, 2020, Sheriff John Hanlin and District Attorney Rick Wesenberg authorized the development of a new Planning Authority to update the original Response Plan.


The complete membership has been selected according to the Bill and includes:

  • Lieutenant Kelley Bean, Douglas County Sheriff's Office (Non-voting Member)
  • Sergeant Dennis Chrisenbery, Roseburg Police Department, (Non-voting Member)
  • Sheriff John Hanlin, Co-Chair
  • Senior Deputy District Attorney Steve Hoddle (Non-voting Member)
  • Chief Brett Johnson, Cow Creek Tribal Police Department (Non-voting Member
  • Deputy Brian Melvin, Labor Union Representative
  • Chief Troy Mills, Sutherlin Police Department
  • Lieutenant Steve Mitchell, Oregon State Police
  • District Attorney Rick Wesenberg, Co-Chair
  • Rosemarie Wess, Public Member

Updated Plan

The updated Response Plan (PDF) was approved by the Planning Authority and all the Law Enforcement agencies in Douglas County. The updated Response Plan was submitted to the Attorney General's Office in September, 2020.