Volunteer AIC Workers

The Jail uses Inmate Workers to prepare meals, clean the facility, and complete various manual labor activities in the jail. There are approximately 16 Inmate Workers at all times.

Inmate Worker Criteria

  • No inmate with person crime charges will generally be considered.
  • No escape charges.
  • No inmate found guilty of a major violation can be considered before a 60 day waiting period.
  • No inmate can be re-instituted to one of these positions (due to a major violation that relieved them of the duty or other consideration that had them removed) without a 60 day waiting period.
  • Inmates must have a TB test prior to being allowed into these programs.
  • Inmates must be checked and approved by the medical staff prior to being allowed into these programs.
  • No inmate with a Department of Corrections hold or other outstanding charges pending can be considered for outside work, but may be used as an inside inmate worker.
  • The inmate can be requested to give a UA or an Intoxilyzer breath sample at any time and any refusal to do so, or a failure of the test(s) will result in their removal from the program.
  • If an inmate is to be used for a position other than an inside inmate worker they must be a sentenced inmate.