AIC Mail

If you would like to send mail to an Adult in Custody (AIC) the address is:
(AIC's Name)
Douglas County Jail - AIC Mail
1036 SE Douglas Avenue
Roseburg, Oregon 97470

Mail Requirements

  • Incoming mail is subject to search.
  • Do not send any packages.
  • Mail will be returned to sender, or thrown away if no return address is included, if it contains foreign substances, stickers, metal, cloth, or other material which could pose a safety or security concern.
  • Mail with lipstick or perfume on it will not be accepted.
  • Subscriptions for newspapers must be sent directly to the jail from the publisher.
  • Books and Newspapers: Acceptable publications must be pre-paid, soft bound and mailed to the AIC directly from a verifiable commercial publishing source or distributor. Publications will not be accepted if mailed or delivered by a second party. Receipt of these items will include a complete inspection or examination for any illegal substance or any other form of contraband. Douglas County is not responsible for the cost incurred for returning unacceptable items.