AIC Phone Calls

General Information

The Douglas County Jail uses Encartel's CIDNET Connectivity Suite for Corrections to connect Adults in Custody (AIC) with their friends and family. In order for the system to work, you must sign up for a CIDNET account 

All AICs, who are not otherwise restricted, have access to a phone and may make calls to approved contacts that are not blocked. Phone calls are limited to 20 minutes each. AICs with money in their AIC trust account can use those funds to make phone calls.

PLEASE NOTE: Third-party calls, allowing others to use your account, or providing a pathway to connect callers to blocked numbers are grounds to block your number from further calls.

Phone calls, except for those made to the AIC's attorney and verified clergy members, are recorded

Creating an Account 

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To stay in touch with an AIC through voice cues, video cues from home, or text / picture cues, click this link to sign up for a CIDNET account: 


If you need more assistance, Download the Friends and Family Brochure

Getting Support

If you can log in to your Public Portal account, go to the Dashboard and click the Support button. This is the fastest way to process your support request. 

If you are unable to access your Public Portal account, fill out the Customer Contact Form HERE

Video Visitation Information

The Douglas County Jail now offers video visitation for AICs and their family and friends.

Money Deposit Information

Funds can be deposited into an AIC's account three ways, online, over the phone, and lobby kiosk.

There are two lobby kiosks in the Justice Building of the Douglas County Court house on the Third Floor. The kiosks will accept cash, credit cards, or debit cards. Money can be deposited Monday through Friday during normal business hours excluding holidays.