Past Sheriffs

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Time Served as SheriffSheriff's Name
April 1853 to July 1853Fleming R. Hill
July 1853 to February 1854Elija Perry
February 1854 to April 1855Lewis Dozier Kent
April 1855 to 1856James "Pat" Day
1856 to April 1858Daniel T. Craig
July 1858 to October 1861John Fullerton
October 1861 to December 1861Matthew C. Ruckles
December 1861 to 1862John Fullerton
1862 to 1864Leonard Howe
1864 to April 1866Jay J. Crawford
April 1866 to July 1866Elijah Livingston
July 1866 to 1868Leonard Howe
1868 to 1872John D. Van Buren
1872 to 1874James Wright
1874 to 1876Elijah Livingston
1876 to 1878John B. Noble
1878 to 1882Franklin Pierce Hogan
1882 to 1884Joseph S Purdom
1884 to 1886Gallatin Augustine Taylor
1886 to 1890Benjamin Coats Agee
1890 to 1894Samuel C. Miller
1894 to July 1894Douglas D. Levens
July 1894 to 1896C.F. Cathcart
1896 to 1898Benjamin Coats Agee
1898 to 1900Robert L. Stephens
1900 to 1904E.L. Parrott
1904 to 1908H.T. McCallen
1908 to 1911B. Fenton
1911 to 1921George K. Quine
1921 to September 1927Samuel W Starmer
September 1927 to 1929Percy A. Webb
1929 to 1933Vivian Theodore Jackson
1933 to 1941Percy A. Webb
1941 to February 1943Clifford Thornton
March 1943 to 1953Orville T. "Bud" Carter
1953 to April 1955Calvin Baird, Sr.
April 1955 to October 1967Ira C. Byrd
October 1967 to November 1967Lyle C. Dickenson
November 1967 to 1969Charles A. Thomas
1969 to January 1975John Taylor Truett
January 1975 to 1977George Davis Jacobs
1977 to 1981Merle D. Jensen
1981 to 1989Norman Neal
1989 to 2001John Pardon
2001 to 2003Jim Main
2003 to 2008Chris Brown
2008 to 2009Jim Burge
2009 to presentJohn Hanlin